Family Counseling

Even the happiest families go through rough times. Family can be a wonderful source of love and support. All families go through many normal developmental stages, but sometimes transitions are hard. And sometimes, families have difficulties they cannot solve on their own. Whether you are having trouble communicating with your rebellious teenage child or your young child is having emotional issues, help is available. If your family is in need of outside help, then call today for a free consultation and begin the healing process 803-351-0114.

Couples Counseling

Being a couple is one of the most unique experiences of human life and one of our biggest investments. Through the safety and comfort of a couple relationship one can experience amazing insight and personal growth. However, this same relationship can also cause one to be deeply challenged and at times to be deeply hurt. Beginning a relationship is oftentimes the happiest most fulfilling time of one’s life, while ending a relationship can be the most difficult and the sense of failure can take years to overcome.

–Why try to repair a relationship, especially if it has deteriorated?

I believe healing a relationship not only brings happiness to those individuals but potentially impacts a wider group of people such as other family members, children, even friends of the couple. A healthy functioning couple relationship in a family and in a community of friends is a blessing to everyone.

–Getting the help you need

The sooner one acts to repair a couple relationship the better, but it is never too late to try. Couples Counseling provides a safe, understanding, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment in which a couple can explore their relationship strengths and growth areas. As a trained therapist I can help couples to utilize those strengths and learn new skills to improve their relationship. Call today for your free phone consultation to see if I can help your relationship heal 803-351-0114.


This is an ideal research based relationship exploration program designed for premarital, married, and blended family couples with a desire to strengthen and improve their relationship skills. As a trained facilitator, I will utilize the assessment tool to measure a couple’s strengths in these areas: communication, conflict resolution, relationship roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more.

Using these measurements allows counseling to focus on those areas needing growth, provides concrete information for couples to discuss and understand their results, and specific tools/techniques to improve relationship skills.

Individual Counseling

Life throws many challenges our way. Some challenges are normal and even expected like the birth of a child or the death of a parent. While other challenges such as the loss of a job, infidelity, or illness may be an unexpected and unwelcomed surprise. Whether normal or unexpected, sometimes one may feel overwhelmed by life challenges and need help to better cope with their life experiences and to create a more fulfilling life at present. Call today for a free phone consultation to see if I can help 803-351-0114

Organizational Counseling

Helping people achieve a happy and healthy family home life is my passion. I’ve found an organized and clutter free home environment helps enhance the positive relationships within the family unit.

My background as an interior decorator and professional organizer has shown me the insides of many cluttered homes. I quickly learned the different levels of clutter from what we would call “normal” to what we would call “problematic.” Also, I quickly recognized a different style and set of skills was needed for helping those with a challenging situation.

These realizations led to my desire to learn more about mental health, receive my degree in counseling, and include in my counseling practice a specialization in the complex area of hoarding disorder.

I offer a unique service by providing in-home treatment for organizationally challenged people who need help understanding their struggles with de-cluttering. I can provide answers, teach necessary skills for organizational decision making, and assist with the ongoing process of creating a healthier and less stressful life.


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