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Congratulations on taking the first step to creating a better life for yourself! I understand how difficult it can be to realize we need help and then to ask for help, especially from a stranger. I hope this space will allow you to get to know me and then provide you with the comfort and courage to take the next step and call me for a free phone consultation.

As a relationship specialist, I begin our therapy with building a rapport of acceptance, safety, trust, and hope. Upon that foundation, it is my belief that clients will develop the confidence to share their problem situations or discuss their missed opportunities and then, discover or revive their inner strengths and resources to create a more desirable situation or a better life.

About Me

After many years of life experience, I made the commitment to return to graduate school to earn a Master’s (plus) degree in Counseling Education. While in school, I had the opportunity to work with families involved in the Dept. of Social Services system. Although this work was difficult, it led to my passion of working with families in crisis and need. After earning my License in Professional Counseling, I was given the opportunity to work full-time as a family therapist with Richland School District Two’s Family Intervention Services. The experiences there broadened my passion for working with groups, couples, and individual therapy with youth ages four through twenty.

My belief in the power of a stable couple relationship as the strongest foundation for a family led me to specialize in couple’s counseling earning a certificate as a trained facilitator of the PREPARE / ENRICH program. This is an ideal research based relationship exploration program for premarital, married, and blended family couples with a desire to strengthen and improve their relationship skills.

I believe healthy communication is key to resolving most systemic problems within families and relationships while healthy self-esteem and validation builds healthy individuals. My counseling style is based on an Experiential/ Collaborative Communications approach. This means I listen to my client’s stories, meet them where they are, then guide them toward the changes they desire with gentle therapeutic techniques. Goals for therapy are jointly determined with the client and are continually open to renegotiation and change over the course of therapy with three things in mind: 1) how can I help you manage problematic situations more effectively and develop underused resources or opportunities to live more fully? 2) how can I help you become better at helping yourself in your everyday life? And 3) how can I help you learn to anticipate and prevent future problem situations or missed opportunities?

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• Couples Relationship Counseling
• Family Life Counseling
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• Individual Child Counseling
• Adolescent & Young Teen Counseling
• Adult Explorational Counseling
• In-Home Therapy Sessions
• Psychological and Behavioral Assesment

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